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I am a software and electrical engineer graduated with Bachelor of Technology, B.Tech. degree from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra in 2001.

I am open to full time software engineering opportunities in tech companies in San Francisco bay area. My core competencies are Software Automation using Python programming language and Network Engineering with knowledge of layer 4, 3, 2 and physical layer with devices like routers, switches, HFC nodes and cable modems.

⦿ Currently, I am associated with Nokia Inc. since June 2018 as Software Automation Engineer and working on DOCSIS protocols and Video Core automation. I am developing validation modules for Video, 8VSB, VideoCore, Dektec, IP Tables, ACLs, TFTP and TFTP Proxy protocols on VCMTS, HFC nodes (RMD and RPD). I am also developing python libraries to configure and debug switches, routers, cable modems and DHCP servers.

⦿ Before Nokia, I was associated with Cisco Inc. as software engineer between July 2017 to June 2018. I was responsible for developing and validating integrations between Cisco IOS XR Routers and Google OpenConfig. I developed libraries for TCP/IP core protocol stack in Python using YANG data model. And also designed, developed and executed test plans to validate functionality of OpenConfig features on Cisco IOS XR Routers.

⦿ Post my graduation in 2001, I also taught engineering undergraduates and was instrumental in strategic planning and set-up of electrical lab at NC College of Engineering.

⦿ My primary expertise is Python programming language. I also have working knowledge of other programming languages like C++ and JavaScript, databases like MySQL, MongoDB and frameworks like Bootstrap, AngularJS.

Certifications and Trainings

⦿ Nokia Certification - Gainspeed Introduction to Monitoring and Alarms | FN03997-K-1820 🎫
⦿ Nokia Certification - Gainspeed All Access Nodes Explained | FN03993-W-1810 🎫
⦿ Nokia Certification - Discover 5G (3GPP R15) | TP00001-K-0001 🎫
⦿ Nokia Certification - SDAN Solution in Fixed Networks | TAC60071-W-0003 🎫
⦿ Nokia Certification - AI and ML Solutions with Python: Implementing Robotic Process Automation 🎫
⦿ Nokia Certification - Developing with Python | CUSPL006-01A 🎫
⦿ Nokia Certification - Python: Iteration and Exceptions 🎫
⦿ Nokia Certification - Nokia Gainspeed Solution - Technologies and Products | FN01090-K 🎫
⦿ Nokia Certification - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 🎫
⦿ Nokia Certification - Data Science Overview 🎫
⦿ Nokia Certification - Machine Learning - Why All the Fuss? | SMAACOP-W-1904 🎫

⦿ Cisco certification - Programming for Network Engineers 🎫

⦿ - Working with Raw-Format Photos in Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC (2013) 🎫
⦿ - Learning the Python3 Standard Library
⦿ - UX Foundations: Making the case for Usability Testing
⦿ - Lightroom 6 Essential Training
⦿ Linked Learning - Foudnations of Programming: Software Quality Assurance
⦿ Linked Learning - Introduction to Photography: Lightroom and Photoshop

⦿ SoloLearn - C++ Course - License 1051-802809
⦿ SoloLearn - Python 3 - License 1073-802809
⦿ SoloLearn - JavaScript Basics - License 1024-802809
⦿ SoloLearn - SQL Fundamentals - License 1060-802809
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