About Me

Leading cross geo engineering effort for Creative Cloud Enterprise

⦿ Founded Enterprise Technology Lab (ETL) with charter to rapidly innovate in enterprise domain and building more compelling creative/marketing workflows.

⦿ Conceptualized, architected and managing next-generation and seamless integration between Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud with a product extension for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CC 2017/18

⦿ Directing strategic initiative and technology development for increasing named user deployments and Creative Cloud service adoption in Enterprise customer base. Collaborating closely with key customers, technology partners and digital transformation partnets/consultants.

⦿ Co-architected, managed and delivered Creative Cloud for Desktop, Enterprise Dashboard / Admin Console, Creative Cloud Packager, Services like Notification Service, Fulfillment Center, Feature Entitlement, Desktop Asset/Font Syncing, Adobe Application Manager, AAM Enterprise Edition, Generic Download Engine etc.

⦿ Domain expertise in Distributed Computing, Cloud asset syncing and management, Application Management, Enterprise Deployments, Licensing and Provisioning, Analytics, Networking & Data Communication, Banking, Financial and Payment Systems (ATM and Cheque Clearing System) and Digital Imaging domains.

⦿ Specialized in product conceptualization and engineering management right from opportunity identification/creation to product delivery with strong emphasis on innovation, intellectual properties like papers and patents, best practices and processes.

⦿ 4 granted patents, 4 more filed with USPTO and many more in pipeline

⦿ 3 externally published technical papers and many more published internally

⦿ Conceptualized and delivered many 1.0 initiatives, many complex Suite/Product deliveries and various tightly coupled common components with prototyping, waterfall and scrum, agile methodologies. Expertise in hybrid multi-platform desktop product development and SaaS enabled product development.

⦿ Managed mid-sized high performance development teams, remote teams, contractors, customers and offshore development teams.

⦿ Additional experience in Program Management, Pre-Sales Management, Pre-Release Management, Project Management, RFC and RFP activities.

⦿ Specialties:
- Expertise in Programming in C, C++, Objective-C, VC++, VB, ActionScript on Win32, OS/2, Unix (Solaris/Linux), OS X & Nucleus RTOS over a variety of platforms ranging from Sparc, PowerPC & Intel.
- Embedded programming, Device driver programming for MCRW, Smart Card RW, ATM Cash Dispenser etc.
- Expertise in Designing & Developing, Reverse Engineering & Analysis of C/C++ Apps, State Machine Programming, Framework Development, OOPS, OOAD, UML and Image Processing.
- Expertise in formulating SoWs, RFPs, RFCs, Requirement Specs, Functional Specs, Design Specs, Implementation Specs using UML\DFD artifacts.

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